Why Do I Need A Medical ID?
Return to Sender medical ID bracelets are lovely pieces of jewelry that provide critical information to EMT's, first responders, and other medical professionals about your unique health needs. A Medical ID bracelet speaks for you when you are unable of doing so for yourself.  Not every disease is visible. 

  • Medical professionals cannot treat something about which they are unaware.

  • Medical professionals are most likely to consider a condition about which they are aware, familiar, and comfortable diagnosing.

  • Medical professionals are less likely to consider a condition about which they are unaware, unfamiliar, or uncomfortable diagnosing.

  • People with rare medical conditions are less likely to receive the proper care if they are unable to communicate symptoms characteristic of their diseases.

  • People with medical conditions who cannot communicate verbally have a simple solution to avoid continued misdiagnosis and to receive the care they need: wearing a medical ID bracelet.

If you have an illness or rare disease, get a medical ID bracelet. If you know someone with an illness or rare disease, stress to them the importance of wearing a medical ID bracelet. The choice to do so should not be a source of questioning or debate. It simply needs to happen. 

Don’t hesitate. Just do it. Return to Sender will ensure that your bracelet is one that will be flattering – a beautiful piece of jewelry that you will be proud to wear. But you need to take the first step. You have gone through enough already to obtain the correct diagnosis for your condition. Let us help take that concern off your shoulders and put the solution on your wrist.

Do You Offer Custom Engraving?
Yes. Custom engraving is an additional $45 and includes up to two lines of 30 characters each, engraved on either the inside or outside of the bracelet. At checkout you will be asked to fill out an engraving form with specific instructions. You can also purchase the bracelet with just the medical symbol. 

Will My Bracelet Tarnish?
Yes. Silver and Bronze will tarnish, this is normal and to be expected. Tarnish can be easily cleaned. Many factors determine how quickly your bracelet tarnishes. Certain medications can alter your body's ph levels and cause tarnish to develop more quickly.  For example, individuals with Hemophilia A or B may experience *excess tarnish on their bronze bracelets.  For these customers, we recommend selecting an optional e-coating when ordering. Please contact us for more information.  A DIY option is to coat the inside of the bracelet with clear nail polish, this creates a barrier between the skin and the bracelet. 
*Excess tarnish means the bracelets turns black with tarnish after only one day of wear.

What Are Your 925 Sterling Silver Bracelets Made Out Of?
Our bracelets are made of .925 Sterling Silver. Pure Silver is too soft to use in the jewelry process,, so it is combined with other metal alloys to create a more durable metal. When 92.5% of pure Silver is mixed with 7.5% of other metals (often Copper or Zinc) the resulting alloy is called .925 Sterling Silver.

What Are Your 18K Gold Plated Bracelets Made Out Of?
Both our 18K Yellow Gold Plated Bracelets and our 18K Rose Gold Plated Bracelets are coated with either 18K Yellow or 18K Rose Gold over a base bracelet made of Bronze. By request, we can make the base bracelet out of 925 Sterling Silver. Please contact us

What Type of Care is Required for Your 18K Yellow Gold Plated Bracelets and 18K Rose Gold Plated Bracelets?
Our 18K Yellow Gold Plated Bracelets and 18K Rose Gold Plated Bracelets require more vigilance and care than our 925 Sterling Silver and Bronze bracelets. Scratches can occur at a faster rate depending on frequency of use and type of use. Gold Plating should not be exposed to water via hand washing, showers, baths or swimming. Humid environments (ex: Florida) can contribute faster to wear and tear. Those with high skin Ph levels, which can be altered by medications, may see an increase of tarnish. When not in use, store your Bracelet in tarnish prevention bag.

Will My Skin Experience Discoloration?
Both our Bronze bracelets and our .925 Sterling Silver bracelets contain small amounts of Copper alloy. Depending on your body's individual chemistry and Ph levels and even the medications you take, you may experience skin discoloration. It is not harmful and it is not an allergic reaction. 

We do not accept returns or refunds. In the rare chance your bracelet has caused skin discoloration and/or excess tarnish, we will work with you to find a solution so you can continue wearing your bracelet. Please contact us for more information. 

Where Are Your Bracelets Made?
Our bracelets are made in New York, NY. 

Will My Bracelet Look Like It's Machine Made?
No. Our bracelets are hand made just for you using the lost wax process. Though we strive for consistency with our casting and finishing, occasional slight variations can occur. Please note photographs have been adjusted for lighting and shadows. 

What Are Your Bronze Bracelets Made Out Of?
Our Bronze Bracelets are a deep reddish brown color and corrosion resistant.  They do contain copper, which is what contributes the beautiful reddish hue. 

Certificate of Authenticity
RTSID guarantees that all items produced are manufactured in accordance with industry regulations. Bracelets do not include the 925 hallmark stamp as a design decision as to not interfere with inside engraving placement. 

What Should I Engrave On My ID?
We recommend you engrave information that would be helpful to a first responder in the event you are unable to speak for yourself. Please consult with your doctor to discuss the best option for you.  For example:

1. Your First and Last Name
2. Emergency Contact Number
3. Food and Drug Allergies
4. Medical Condition(s)/ Treatment Considerations 

What Bracelet Should I Buy?
I work with my hands and/or spend all day on the computer:
The Core 2, The Core 3, The Sloan, The Nessy and The Lynn are custom adjustable and fit close to the skin. They won’t move around while you work or type. These are all bracelets you can put on once and simply forget about. You can comfortably sleep in them and just live your life. The Paul, which comes in both small and large, would also be a good choice. As would the Anna, though it’s not as form fitting and adjustable as those mentioned above. We also recommend ordering the bracelet in High Polish if you frequently work with your hands: it’s easier to clean and care for than the matte finish.

I am looking for a bangle bracelet:
The Fran, The Clara and The Brendan are bangle bracelets. These will move around on your wrist. The Brendan and the Clara come in two sizes. The Clara has some flexibility, so it can be adjusted a little bit, but it will still fit as a bangle. Though these are bangles, all three of these bracelets are very well balanced and they are wearable in “real” life. A client who is a farmer wears the Brendan every day to do morning chores around the farm!

I need the medical symbol to be super noticeable!
The Core 2 and Core 3 are popular for this very reason — as are the Anna, the Paul and Nessy. The medical symbols on these four bracelets are front and center.

I’d like the medical symbol to be discreet!
Maybe you’re on a medication you don’t want your work colleagues to know about or you just don’t want a constant reminder every time you look down. The Sloan, The Core 1, The Lynn, The Clara and The Brendan are perfect for this. Please note: though The Fran’s medical symbol is on the bottom, if you engrave your information inside the bracelet (flush to the skin) it will be noticeable every time you move your wrist.

I have a ton of information to fit on the bracelet! Which bracelet holds the most information?
The Brendan can be engraved on all 3 sides and each side can hold up to two lines of text. Since both the inside (flush to the skin) and the outside (medical symbol side) can be engraved, The Brendan can hold an enormous amount of information. Contact us for a quote is you’d like to go over the standard $45 for 60 characters that is included in the engraving fee. The Nessy, The Core 1 and The Paul also hold large amounts of text.

Can I engrave both the inside (flush to the skin) as well as outside (medical symbol) of a bracelet?
Yes. Though depending on the amount of characters requested ($45 includes up to 60 characters) an extra charge might be applied, contact us for a quote.

For any additional questions, please feel free to contact us

Who Wears a Medical ID?
Medical IDs are beneficial to those with the following conditions:  
Adrenal Insufficiency
Addison's Disease
Allergies (Drug, Food, Insects and General)
Atrial Fibrillation
Bariatric Surgery
Blood Disorders
Blood thinners (Coumadin/Warfarin)
Celiac Disease
Cerebral Palsy
Chronic Medical Conditions
Clinical Trial Participant
Cochlear Implant
Cognitive Disabilities
Cystic Fibrosis
Developmental Disabilities
Gastric Bypass/Sleeve
Hearing Impairment
Heart Condition
Heart Implants
Heart Stents
Kidney Failure
Mental Health Disorders
Metal Implants
Mitral Valve Prolapse
Multiple Sclerosis
Organ Transplant
Parkinson's Disease
Steroid Treatment
Sickle Cell Anemia
Stroke Risk
Special Needs Children
Tourette Syndrome
Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
Vision Impairment